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Fractional C-Level Service

Fractional C-Level Services

Fractional C-Level Executives can fill a vital role for businesses and can do so on a short term, part time, or part time long term basis. Larger enterprises have been leveraging expensive consulting companies or high priced short term executives for years. Midsized companies and small businesses (SMBs) have not always tapped into this resource until recently. At Valenta we specialize in providing services for SMB clients and we also offer SMB Fractional C-Level support.

The C-Suite

The C-Suite are some of the most vital and important jobs in a company and comprise the upper echelon and brain trust of an organization.  Making sure that every role is filled and ensuring that the people filling these roles are providing expert guidance and perspective is a key to success.  The C-suite gets its name for the roles it comprises, it is all the Chief roles within a company, CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CRO, CMO, etc. 

At Valenta we provide the following Fractional C-Level Roles

Fractional CFO

The CFO position is the top Financial officer role in any company and critical for a company’s financial success. CFO’s must have strong finance, financial analysis, and accounting backgrounds. They must be able to provide guidance for financial risks and  …

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Valenta Fractional CFO services

Fractional CIO

The CIO position is the top Information officer role at an organization and is skilled in all data sciences and analysis. Many companies encompass all Information and Data Security functions in the CIO role. In today’s Information Age economy where data and documents …

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Valenta Fractional CIO services


Fractional CTO

A chief technology officer (CTO) is the executive in charge of an organization’s technological needs and infrastructure as well as its research and development (R&D) if the company is technical in nature. Companies sometimes combine this role with the CIO role but are …

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Valenta Fractional CTO services


Fractional COO

The COO ensures a company runs smoothly and is in charge of all its Operations. The COO is well versed in the business of a company and making sure an organization is executing. HR and administrative services …

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Valenta Fractional COO services


Fractional CRO

The CRO is the Chief Revenue Officer at a company. Sales, Business Development and Sales Operations always roll up under a CRO. Frequently Customer Support and sometimes Marketing falls under this role as well.

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Valenta Fractional CRO services


Fractional CMO

The CMO is the top Marketing officer at a company.  In today’s digital economy online marketing is vital. Digital Marketing is constantly changing and evolving, and it can be a challenge to keep up SEO, SEM, PPC …

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Valenta Fractional CMO services

When does it make sense to hire Fractional C-Level Executives?


Fractional C-Level Executives can be a good option for a variety of business scenarios.  Some of the situations we have frequently seen, and where we have provided services include: 

  • Current leadership is strong operationally or has specific domain expertise, but they lack strategic thinking and may not have a broad range of experiences to draw upon.
  • Current leadership has strategic vision but cannot be free from day to day requirements of their roles and departments. They need qualified leaders to delegate responsibility to, so that they can be strategic.
  • A businesses current operating model has reached capacity and leadership needs to take a step back and strategize to level up.
  • There is an immediate vacancy that needs to be filled while the longer term “perfect” person for a role is secured.
  • Current leadership is struggling and needs a qualified and skilled coach and mentor.
  • Current leadership is not up to the task and needs to be replaced.

Why are Fractional C-Level Executives a Good Option?

Fractional C-Level services can be an excellent solution for many businesses. Fast results can be achieved when leveraging them. Fractional C-Level executives will be the antithesis to the “we have always done it this way approach”. They can help the organizations they serve take a blank sheet approach. Fractional C-Level executives also come with proven leadership skills. While technical skills are a must, mature leadership is more important than technical knowledge to actually move organizations. New organizations sometimes don’t know what they don’t know, outside skills and leadership can bridge the gap. Besides the many benefits of a fresh approach, Fractional C-Level executives can help companies to scale quickly. When companies are in rapid growth mode it can be hard to keep up. Fractional leadership can also assist companies who are moving in the opposite direction.  Besides offering cost savings, they can help companies make the right downscaling decisions with the least amount of damaging impact on a company. 

Valenta Approach to Fractional C-Level Services


Assess – When we start an engagement we speak with all stakeholders, assess the situation and status, understand where a business is today, and document “as is” processes and workflows.


Recommend – Based on assessments we will recommend best practices specific to your business and market conditions and advise clients on the best courses of action. 


Prioritize – We will rank and determine priority actions and the highest value opportunities to optimize your business and the department we are offering Fractional C-Level services for. 


Execute – We will work with your organization to implement and execute any recommendations and best practices based on prioritization. 

Analyze, consistency

Consistency – It is our goal to produce stable and predictable results for all business and departmental processes and deliverables. 

Repeatability, Execution, MANAGED SERVICES

Repeatability – We will ensure that processes, deliverables, and workflows are repeatable, well understood and documented. 

Benefits of Fractional C-Level Executives

There are many benefits of bringing on board Fractional C-Level Executives to assist a business.  Some of those benefits include the following :

  • There are no long term employment contracts, bonus structures or equity positions to negotiate.
  • The terms of engagement can be flexible in regard to time. Both the length of an agreement and the hours per week or month can be tailored to meet the needs of every business.
  • Fractional Executives will bring a fresh perspective and come with a variety of experience.
  • Most Fractional Executives have vetted relationships with other business services provided for staff augmentation, outsourcing, technology consulting, and managed service, this is certainly the case when it comes to Valenta C-Level Executives.

Other Considerations for Fractional C-Level Executives

At Valenta all our services engagements typically run month to month and are able to be cancelled with 30 days’ notice. When it comes to Fractional Executive engagements, we typically look to start with a minimum three month engagement.  All of our services are confidential, and we cover them with NDA agreements. Our engagements typically pay for themselves, and we can discuss and model an ROI upfront. Any ROI can be tied to a specific project to be undertaken or special initiative.  An ROI can also be achieved by the simple costs savings generated by filling a position fractionally. 

How To Get Going with Fractional C-Level Executives?

Defining a Scope of Work is always the best first step. We can discuss our services with your business, and once a match is established, we can define the exact role that needs to be filled. During discovery in addition to scope we can define time frame and the dedicated hours and days required per month. All aspects of our engagements can be flexible, customizable, and scalable.

Fractional executives are an excellent option for SMBs, startups, businesses in transition and growth mode plus many others.
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