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Process Optimization

At Valenta our Business Process Consulting services can help to streamline an organization’s processes allowing the business to address everyday challenges more efficiently and economically.  Our Process Consulting helps our clients to save time, save effort, and save money. 

Why Engage a Process Consultant?


A business process consultant can make a lot of sense for many different types of companies.  If a business is not operating at peak efficiency a process consulting engagement can help.  If a business is growing fast, or if it always seems like it is scrambling to get things done, business process consulting can be of great value.  It is an excellent exercise to have an outside consultant come into your business to help you document your processes, policies, and procedures.  After documenting processes, a business can evaluate and improve them. 

At Valenta we have helped countless companies with their processes and procedures.  We are focused on midsized companies and small businesses who often have not had access to this type of consulting at affordable rates in the past. 

Leveraging a CRM platform companies can achieve the following

At Valenta we will take the time to get to know your business structure first by mapping out the roles and responsibilities of your staff.  We will also examine workflows and any SOPS (standard operating procedures) that currently exist.  Our initial focus on workflows, roles, and responsibilities will help us to understand your “As Is” business processes.  Getting this accurate picture of where your business is today is crucial for a successful engagement.  We will take all the knowledge we gain about your business and document it in easy to understand charts and descriptions. 

Valenta business process consulting will also offer recommendations to optimize how your business does what it does and to help your systems scale.  We will help your business run more smoothly and help you see more consistent results with less effort.  Ultimately, there will be less effort because everyone in an organization will be in sync and rowing in the same direction.  Our process consulting engagements always leave our clients with clear paths for growth.  By documenting process, identifying areas for improvement, and then implementing needed changes we can help you create a launch pad for success. 

The most overlooked advantage to bringing Valenta in for a process consulting engagement is simply having a fresh set of eyes to look at your business and its challenges.  As an objective outside observer, we often see things that our clients cannot see, and through a different lens.  We will be able to identify inconsistencies more easily, be able to tell what works, and what does not, and help your business become more operationally efficient as we go through our discovery and analysis activities. 

Valenta Process Consulting Steps

At Valenta our process consulting is thorough and comprehensive.  Our process consulting for SMB companies has affected change in a variety of organizations and we believe process is important for every industry and sector. 

The below highlights the steps of a Valenta Process Consulting engagement.   


Map the current process – It all starts with discovery and understanding your business.  We will interview stakeholders across your business and understand your current processes.  We will understand roles and responsibilities and also the tools and technology used to accomplish tasks.  We will identify who is the best owner of a process within an organization.  We will provide documentation for all of this in easy-to-understand charts and reports using common process and project management software tools. 


Analyze the current process – After completion of “As Is” process documentation we will examine each process document to determine what is and what is not working.  We will look for what might be causing delays in a process.  We will also identify any bottlenecks.  We will be able to determine if more resources are required, or if there are enough in place.  During analysis we will be able to examine if there are any cost issues.  We will also see where errors are most likely to occur.  Finally, we will be able to determine if any part of a process can be automated, which will drive down costs and increase efficiencies 


Redesign processes as needed – Based on analysis we will then redesign any process where there are bottlenecks, inefficiencies, or a lack of resources.  It is in this step that we design “To Be” processes.  We will focus on day to day processes that have the potential to make the most impact on an organization.  Frequently, simple tweaks, the addition of, or elimination of current process steps is all that is required.  Other times, implementing a new piece of business software might be the solution for process improvement.  Staff augmentation to outsource tasks, or RPA bots to automate them, can also be considered at this step. 


Test new processes – Before rolling out any new process in our clients companies we will always go through a testing phase.  We want to ensure that any new process works and delivers the desired results.  Process simulation allows for testing in real world situations and is invaluable.  The testing phase also provides the opportunity for further improvements in processes based on findings.  We develop “What If” analysis in the testing phase.  Our what if analysis will include comparison of costs, resource utilization evaluation, and examining efficiencies gained to determine if value is added to all stakeholders across client organizations. 


Communicate changes – Some level of fear of change is common in many organizations.  Change management is required in all companies.  We work with our clients to communicate change in a logical, clear, and easy to understand way.  Transparency in organizations is always desired.  Clearly communicating is imperative to enable change.  Having well defined SOPs, process maps, and documentation all helps with this important step. 


Implement new processes – We will develop specific plans for implementing new processes.  We will design processes for implementation that will allow for continuous improvement and an implementation cycle to take hold and to work smoothly on an ongoing basis.  Plans will be specific to a new process, but will follow consistent steps for communication, roll out, training and feedback. 


Monitor and optimize – Once any process has been rolled out that is not the end of the story.  We help our clients measure adoption and to gather feedback on how things are going with any new process.  We will track performance and benchmark new results against the results of the previous process and make sure efficiency gains are achieved.  In the case of any new investment, we will also measure ROI. 

Efficient processes boost productivity, profitability, revenue and deliver the best results for customers.  We help our clients implement continuous improvement and ongoing process optimization. 

The Valenta Process Consulting Workflow


Valenta Process Consulting Approach

The Valenta approach to Process Consulting for SMB clients is agnostic and thoughtful.  We look for the right solutions for our client’s unique needs.  We engage with a fresh perspective and open mind and are thorough and focus on problem solving.  Our multistep approach delivers results and leans heavily on “As Is”, “To Be” and “What If” analysis.  Documenting and a focus on workflows, roles, responsibilities, technology and creating SOPs and process maps is a part of every engagement.  We always start with learning about your specific business and operational challenges.  Our consultants are trained and versed in all business methodology including Agile, Lean and Six Sigma.  We take the creation of good process documentation very seriously and use tools like Lucid Charts, Visio, and SmartSheet on our projects and engagements. 

Benefits of Outside Process Consulting

In our experience with Process Consulting, it is better to have a process expert than an industry expert… that said we have lots of various industry experience.  We are process experts, and we focus on process consulting for SMB companies.   We can bring a different perspective to your organization and create a cross-pollination of the best business ideas and optimization tools currently available. 

Challenges our clients have faced which we have helped address include: 

  • Prevention of repetitive tasks and automating work with digital transformation.
  • Solving issues related to a shortage of available workers and or skill sets.
  • Identifying obstacles that can be solved with business software tools and implementation of those tools.
  • Needing business intelligence solutions to better drive their companies.
  • Exchanging information seamlessly between teams for effective collaborative work.
  • Alignment of IT with strategic business initiatives while decreasing TCO of IT infrastructure and services.
  • Management of information, data, and documents for easy access across teams and locations.
  • Streamlining the introduction of new products or services and reducing the time and costs associated.
  • Keeping up with constant regulatory and compliance changes that effect operations and the business.
  • Development and execution of new initiatives to remain competitive.
  • Implementing continuous improvement initiatives for ongoing competitiveness and cost containment.

Business Model Consulting

In addition to Process Consulting and business optimization, the consulting team, and the Managing Partners at Valenta can also help a business with new business model consulting.  Many businesses today want to constantly reinvent themselves.  Process Consulting is the right tool for improving the current business.  When it comes to considering new business ventures, models and directions, Business Model Consulting is the right approach.  We are ready to help here as well and are also focused on midsized companies and small businesses in this area.  Our Managing Partners are coming from a variety of different industries and sectors and can provide valuable insight to your specific business area.  Our Consulting staff bring their Agile, Lean and Process Consulting skills to the examination of any new business area.  Outside advisement can help make sure that every angle is analyzed upfront and before any significant investment of time, money, and resources. 

Business Model Process

Our Consultants and Managing Partners follow tried and true methodology when it comes to new business exploration, design, and launch.  They can be an excellent resource to guide you on your journey of reinvention and expansion into a new business area. 

Business Model Analysis has three main steps that include, Concept Design, Detail Design, and Implementation. 

  • The Concept Design phase will include Ideation, Concept Design and Prototyping.
  • The Detail Design phase of Experimenting, Detail Design, and Piloting will then come next.
  • Finally, the Implementation Phase includes Launch and Reflection.

At Valenta we are here for all our client’s consulting needs.  We can assist with Process Optimization and Business Model review.  We can also offer consulting services in specific areas like Digital Transformation, CRM, ERP, Digital Marketing, HR, Supply and Logistics, Tech Stack, Third Party Vendor management and more. 

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